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Our Purpose: Inspire, connect and empower organizations and individuals to create vibrant and thriving regenerative cultures and civilizations.

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Get the basic information on the Welcome to SEEDS deck and visit our main website joinseeds.earth.

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Here you can learn how to make a Co-op proposal to receive Seeds, and share them them into your network. more >>

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How to activate your local bioregions to adopt Seeds in their ecosystems.

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To ensure consistent branding in our communication we offer branding guidelines and templates. more >>


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Bounties & Open Quests


Bounties are opportunities to reward Ambassadors who are not co-creating in any subcircle in MBC with either a contribution or role.

Requirement: Ambassador Badge.

If you want to apply, please speak to the coordinator of bounties in the Ambassadors Journey & Academy subcircle.

Open Quests:

Please check back soon.