Ambassador Academy

SEEDS Ambassadors support individuals and organisations to onboard to the SEEDS ecosystem and movement.

The Ambassador Academy is the learning frame made to empower you co-create with us! Anyone can join, just follow the steps: 👣

1. Onboarding

Join our next Global Ambassador Call happening every Thursday, to introduce yourself and meet other Ambassadors from all over the world.


Attend a New Ambassadors Onboarding eTownhall happening every full moon.

All eTownhalls are scheduled in the Events Calendar.

Sign up for the Academy with a 1min video “What is my purpose?” via this application form and post your video in the #ambassador-general channel on Discord.

2. Be Unstoppable

You will be added to a groupchat (#tribe) with 3-5 participants to engage and co-create together from the start.

We offer a Kickoff session for your cohort where we cover all the practicalities, answer your questions and get to know each other.

The two live-session Be Unstoppable - part 01 and 02 mark the beginning of your Academy cohort. These are required sessions and is to support you in your personal growth so you can express your full potential here in the SEEDS ecosystem.

3. Learning

All the live sessions where we invite you to attend in person, will be announced in your tribe groups and you also find them in the Academy Calendar.

You can watch the contents of the Academy Playlist on Youtube self-paced whenever you have time for it. If you are keen to learn more, you can watch the Pathway to a Regenerative Civilization Series on Youtube.

Deepen your learning experience and work together with other memebers of your tribe on the Sprouting Missions.

You can track you progress with our Checklist.

4. Ambassadors in Action

The two sessions Ambassadors in Action - part 01 and 02 mark the ending of your Academy Journey. You will engage with your cohort and complete your last missions. The sessions will be announced in your tribe groups and you also find the session in the Academy Calendar.

5. Conclude & Celebrate

Fill the SEEDS Ambassador Academy Completion Form and schedule your 1:1 session with the facilitators of the Academy.

Claim your badge in the HYPHA DHO.

You will receive the equivalent of 1250 USD in Seeds (converted at the current rate) once you complete the Academy.

Help us and give feedback on your Academy Journey with the evaluation form.

Help us develop the SEEDS Passport & Light Wallet apps by filling up this form and giving feedback on your experience.

Take on Ambassador Bounties or apply for a contribution quest or role in HYPHA MB circle :)* The amount of Seeds will change as the value of Seeds increase