Why Labs?

A space of Symmathesys

A Lab is a space of symmathesy (learning together) and experimentation, concrete experiences are amplified if successful and iterated or dropped if not.

In the Lab there is only learning as we redefine success and failure. Learning is is the answer to the complex nature of our endeavours.

A space for Coherence Building

Labs are building possibilities and amplifying, exploring colective wisdom, exploring and amplify individual own visions or hypotheses or experiments

Labs are an invitation to step up and help cohering the field of these possibilities.

Meta Level: Collective sense of "what is going o"n and what are the "learning fields" we like to explore.

Experience Level: This is bringing the exploration into a context and building and running prototypes. The experience level establishes and improves the conditions for the experience to be instantiated.

Operational Level: Once this experience starts, it will need specific operational support to run it and operate it. If it is successful, it will require effort to establish it and support its adoption.

The Levels are influencing each-other in a continuous cycle.

Cognitive & Nervous System Lab

This lab will experiment with the idea of enhancing our ability to leverage on our collective intelligence, establishing protocols that allow us to thrive together.

These are some of its central aspects:

  • Decentralization, Governance, Sense Making and Decision Making and Strategy

  • Social Network Systems, Protocols, Flows of information, belonging and membrane

  • Symmathesy, Trust and Interdependency

  • Dehold Dualities

The invite for participation will be open to the SEEDS community.

Pilots & DHO Lab

Looking into Pilots as emergent ecosystem experiences.

Exploring the possibilities of DHO's and DAC's.

Establishing a network of interwinding players, working together.

Seeding Lab

It will explore multiple combined financial instruments, evolving their investment thesis towards a regenerative and abundant principles, combining multiple capital forms.

The exploration will begin on the evolution of:

  • Value and Value chains towards multiple forms of capital

  • Gift-ecology ; “regenerative” Impact, Bonds; Payforward mechanism; Universal Earned Income principles; Equity redefinition and Equity base investments; Conservation and Land trusts

A per process we will explore multiple processes of coherence growth:

  • New forms of “incubation” ie. Evolving GDP Unicorn driven incubation to network driven; legacy enablement

  • Living systems growth (not artificial exponential growth): following “natural” birth, exponential growth and decay cycles

As a whole system approach to investment:

  • Platforms of collective investment

  • Sovereignty whole systems investment pools (ie. food networks; energy; water; interconnection, logistics and transportation; housing; learning spaces; …)