MOM DHO's purpose is to inspire, connect and empower organizations and individuals to create vibrant and thriving regenerative cultures and civilizations.

Our Objectives

  1. Weaving partners and alliances, and empowering ambassadors into synergistic and functional flows, responsibilities and division of activities.

  1. Co-creating proposals and onboarding MOM members onto the Seeds ecosystem.

  1. Facilitating the co-development of strategies to catalyze regenerative business models in different industries.

  1. Showcasing value for organizations and bioregional development to join the movement.

  1. Seeding, defining, developing and implementing protocols and processes including the emergent instances of DHOs, be it at local, regional or global level.

  1. Distilling and integrating wisdom and knowledge, learning journeys, successful patterns and weaving in processes, protocols, tools and practices to better support implementations.

  1. Fostering collaboration with the global network of ambassadors to share success stories, best practices and insights, so as to maintain and improve collective efficacy.

  1. Understanding and communicating the needs of the movement stakeholders in the evolution of Hypha tools and their development.

  1. Facilitating the collective expression of the complex identities with the MoM ecosystem.

  1. Help Communities, Festivals, Organizations to run Campaigns and to invite their communities into SEEDS.

3 Focused Areas

Ambassador Journey & Academy

Agile integration and capacity building for new SEEDS Ambassadors

Alliance Activation & Onboarding

Weaving in networks, communities and organisations

Whole System Integration

Making the patterns unfolding in each Region visible to the all community allowing it to develop "stepping stones" for regional Development

The Team

Franz Allmayer

Lisa Beck

Dannie Quilitzsch

Rain Lim

Sorin Stoica

Andrea Friedrich

Martina Epple

Catherine Khoo