Alliances Activation

The purpose of Alliance Activation is to serve the global movements, organisations and businesses that are creating a more just, connected and regenerative society by empowering to use, receive and share Seeds with their network

SEEDS is a financial ecosystem that not only recognizes and rewards the contributions that you as planetary healers make, but also amplifies your efforts.

Our strategy is to weave together the plethora of initiatives, movements, new forms of enterprise, and lifestyle experiments which are invisibly connected in a shared attempt to bring about a thriving future.

By uniting existing and emerging regenerative efforts, together we shape an integrated impulse for genuine transformation giving form to a planetary-scale network of regenerative hubs – all of which align around a shared vision for change.

SEEDS e-TownHalls

All SEEDS events open to anyone. To add it to your calendar click HERE

New Alliance Onboarding (bi-weekly)

Become an Alliance partner in SEEDS! In this session, we are welcoming all representatives from aligned organizations and initiatives to learn how to join our cooperative economy!We share how SEEDS empowers you to grow revenue, reward your community and regenerate our planet.It’s simple. Earn money when you contribute to the health of the economy, society and our planet. Join the journey and play with us. We are there to assist you with the process to come on board

Proposal Nursery (weekly)

If you want support to develop your proposal this call is dedicated for that. Before joining take care to visit the Co-op page and having followed the first steps.

Proposal with Purpose (new moon)

The open Proposals in the Co-Op will presented by their creators or the representatives. Come and join to connect on a personal level and sense in whether you want to give them your vote aka Trust Tokens on the Co-Op.

Important Information

Join us as an Alliance

Templates & Docs

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SEEDS Presentations for Possible Alliances

The decks below serve as references that can be adapted to any specific context/organization.

Intro to SEEDS for Organizations

Intro to SEEDS for Organisations - Part 1.pptx

Intro to SEEDS for Communities

SEEDS For Community Presentation June 9 .pptx

Intro to SEEDS at Festivals / Events

WorldUnityWeek2021 Presentation.pptx


Below our names you can find our Discord username and SEEDS account name

Lisa Beck

Lisalight#3365 lisalight231

Andrea Friedrich

adafriedrich#8684 adafriedrich

Rain Lim

Rain#6970 rainskyarel5

Discord Username: Martina#8843 SEEDS Username: martinaepple

Martina Epple

Martina#8843 martinaepple

Matteo Tangi

Matteo#6481 matteotangi1

Feel free to reach out with any questions.