Ambassadors Journey & Academy

The purpose of the SEEDS Ambassadors Journey & Academy is to empower you to co-create in SEEDS in a purposeful, highly effective, non-hierarchical and nourishing manner

The program of the SEEDS Ambassadors Journey & Academy has a length of approx. 1.5 - 2 lunar cycles, you are free to take more time and choose your own pace. We start a new cohort every lunar cycle.

  • You will have approximately one in-person session (1-2 hrs) per week (not recorded). These sessions are to support you in your personal growth so you can express your full potential.

  • You'll have access to all recorded sessions (appr. 8 hrs in total) on Youtube.

  • You'll have access to our collaboration channels on Discord to interact with other Ambassadors.

  • We offer a Kickoff session for your cohort where we cover all the practicalities, answer your questions and get to know each other

  • There will be a weekly session to connect with the facilitators of the Academy and other participants.

  • You will be added to a tribe (Discord group chat) with 3-5 participants to start your co-creation right from the start.

  • You will be matched with a buddy from a previous cohort who will support you on your journey.

  • The last session of the whole journey is a 1:1 session with two MBC facilitators to support you to find your place to co-create in SEEDS and the next steps

We are thrilled to have you on board :)

The Ambassadors Academy Calendar

All Ambassadors Academy sessions are open to those who are in the Academy. Please DO NOTE - some sessions are for certain cohorts only. If you are from a previous cohort and missed that session with your group, you can join sessions for the next cohorts!

To add this calendar to your personal calendar, click HERE.

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Join The Conversations on the SEEDS Discord

on the #Ambassadors General Channel

Ambassador calls

Besides the Ambassadors Academy Calendar, remember to add the SEEDS events calendar. All SEEDS Events are open to anyone. To add the SEEDS Events to your calendar click HERE

Welcome to SEEDS e-TownHall (for everyone)

This session is to welcome all new members (SEEDlings) in SEEDS and open this space to answer questions. You will learn the most important things to get familiar with the SEEDS ecosystem and how you find your journey into the fast growing community. This call happens every new moon.

SEEDS New Ambassador Onboarding e-TownHall (for everyone)

Join this call if you want to learn about the Ambassador Academy, the learning journey to dive in the SEEDS ecosystem, to learn how to co-create in our community, to can be rewarded with Seeds and receive your Ambassador badge.

SEEDS Global Ambassador Call (for everyone)

This call is to get connected with Ambassadors from all around the world, learn about what is going on in different bioregions, and be inspired to find your purpose and co-create in SEEDS. A space to get to know each other, share experiences, ideas, answer questions and receive guidance.

Ambassador Academy WEEKLY Call (for Academy participants only)

This call is for Ambassadors who are going through the Academy at this moment and want to dive deeper by exchanging ideas, share experiences, ask questions and connect with each other weekly.


Welcome to SEEDS

SEEDS - Welcome to SEEDS!v07122021

New Ambassador Onboarding

SEEDS - NewAmbassadorOnboarding!01032021

Ambassador Academy

Process + Curriculum

SEEDS AA Overview - Process, Curriculum

The Team

Below our names you can find our Discord username and SEEDS account name

Dannie Quilitzsch

DannieQuilitzsch#4712 seeding1love

Rain Lim

Rain#6970 rainskyarel5

Andrea Friedrich

adafriedrich#8684 adafriedrich

Catherine Khoo

Catherine Khoo#1171 cathk33seeds

Feel free to reach out with any questions.